Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre

Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre

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Versatile and sonically true 18-in/8-out audio interface for the complete creator.IncludesAvid® Pro Tools 3-month subscription.

Clarett+ 4Pre is the studio-grade audio interface for PC and Mac, designed for music makers who demand the highest quality while recording and mixing their audio creations.

Four high-headroom, low-noise, low-distortion Clarett+ mic preamps — featuring All-analogue Air with impedance switching and relay control — capture vocals, drums and acoustic instruments with immense clarity. Two JFET instrument inputs let you plug straight in and preserve the natural tone of your guitar, just like plugging into an amplifier.

Independent A-D and D-A converters bring creators and collaborators closer than ever to their music, with extremely wide dynamic range and low distortion. Greatly improved D-A dynamic range enables you to hear every detail and have greater control over your mix. Incredibly low A-D converter distortion lets you capture signals with more clarity, for greater transparency and sonic accuracy. Two powerful and true-to-life headphone outputs inspire artists to hear every nuance, customise their foldback mix, and perform their best.

Clarett+ 4Pre brings collaborators together, with options to record up to 18 input channels simultaneously. Expand via ADAT using the Clarett OctoPre or other outboard hardware. Four analogue outputs and MIDI input and output makes Clarett+ 4Pre the centrepiece of the evolving recording studio

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